February 27, 2020
One Plus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 – awkwardly waiting

OnePlus is providing added features from its startup phones onwards. If you are thinking to buy this OnePlus 7 phone, here we go some new OnePlus 7 features you should definitely take a look into this:

Screen Recording:

This is good news, which is going to take technology to the next level, OnePlus 7 Pro which can record the screen of your calls. Amazing integrated feature, it just works with one tap. Just you have activated the service and voila.

Zen Mode:

When Zen Mode is ON, the users access locks out for 20 minutes, that means users can access is the camera and incoming calls. To exit the Zen mode, you have to restart the phone.

Auto Drop Detection:

OnePlus is equipped with a good auto drop detection, whenever your mobile is going to fall(camera is out and on position), the camera senses the fall and automatically gets back in order to avoid getting damaged.

Fingerprint Animation:

There is a smart feature equipped with this OnePlus 7 Pro, you can change the animations on your fingerprint sensor. here you have to do : go to settings, then security and then to lock screen, there you can pick the fingerprint animation feature.

Trim your own colors:

In Android Pie Version, only you can select few colors from the given palette, but in OnePlus 7 Pro case you can choose whatever color you want using settings.

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