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Now Facebook Messenger may go back into main app

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook taking steps to merge Facebook messenger into his main app. Presently a chat icon in Facebook app is showing a shortcut to chats section in that. if you do not download Messenger app, this shortcut icon leads to Play Store or Apple App Store.

In 2014 this chat is divided or removed from its core app and created a new standalone app called Messenger App. Mark Zuckerberg is planning to merge all platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram into single media message service by 2020. Actually this standalone app has 1.3 billion users.

Facebook is going to follow a technique of WhatsApp to cover more users. And at the same time Zuckerberg is giving high priority about privacy of data, so tightening the controls over the data. Whats App is a tough competitor to Facebook because it is slowly stealing users from Facebook Messenger. In 2016, WhatsApp has around one billion MAU mark in February and Facebook has crossed the billionth milestone in July.

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