No More usage of MicroSD cards in #Huawei

Mobile News

Huawei is planned to remove usage of microSD cards association. But this is applicable to only newly released mobile phones. And Laptops can’t use universal portable storage disks, so Huawei is looking for backup solution. All US companies like Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel and Broadcom banned Huawei in doing business with Chinese firm.

Which Means there is no Play Store, Windows and no Android. Wi-Fi Alliance also temporarily restricted, which regulates Wi-Fi Standards; aspects of Huawei’s Kirin’s Processors. JEDEC left which defines RAM specifications.

Because they already have ‘Nano Memory Cards’ which can be used in place of microSD cards, but the issue is with sizes available( only 128GB and 256GB with speed of 90MB/s) and also with the price. The price is the triple amount of the actual microSD card. However, Huawei is in deep pain.

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