March 29, 2020
Lenovo HE15 and HE16 Earphones

Lenovo adds the latest wireless and wired earphones in the market very soon

Lenovo rushing with a new True wireless earphone and they are Lenovo HE15 and HE16 Bluetooth earphones. Already we are well known that Lenovo HF118 earphones are available online at Rs. 599.

Lenovo has spread a wide range in the market with the latest five new products. The models are Lenovo HT10 True Wireless earbuds, Lenovo HE15 Sports Bluetooth earphones, Lenovo HE16 Bluetooth earphones, Lenovo HF118 wired earphones and Lenovo B613 Digital Voice Recorder.

Lenovo HT10:

Well, at first starting with Lenovo HT10, this device is powered by a Qualcomm 3020 Processor with AptX support. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which covers a range of 20 meters. And this is IPX5 water and sweat resistance which can be used in any physical activity. It is coming with an 800mAh battery which can last up to 8 hours with a single charge.

Lenovo HT10
Lenovo HT10

Lenovo HE15:

Lenovo HE15 is a wireless earphone with a built-in microphone. It is a neckband earphone. This HE15 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and covers a range of 15 meters. It can give up to 12 hours of standby battery life. This is available in variant colors like White, Bronze, Black, Pink and Blue colors.

Wireless Earphones
Lenovo HE15

Lenovo HE16:

Similarly, Lenovo HE16 is a wireless headset powered with Bluetooth 5.0 and long last up to 6 hours of battery life. And it is a water-resistant comes which is certified with IPX5. This is can be used even during physical workouts because it is also a sweat resistance.

Lenovo HF118:

Lenovo HF118 is a wired earphone with an in-line microphone. It is a sweat-proof design coming with a 3.5mm audio jack. And lastly, Lenovo B613 supports voice recorder up to 1536kbps. This offers a noise-canceling feature and with 8GB storage. It stores recordings in MP3 file format. Battery life can give up to 20 hours.

Available Prices:

Lenovo HT10 can be purchased for Rs. 3,999 only. Whereas Lenovo HE15 and HE16 Bluetooth earphones will be available for Rs. 1,999 and Rs. 1,499 respectively. Therefore, Lenovo B613 is available for price Rs. 3,699 in the market.

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