February 27, 2020
Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits

Kiwi Fruit and its benefits for health

Kiwi fruit, which is also popularly known as “Chinese gooseberry” or “Yang tao” is a rich and natural source of Vitamin C. Kiwi fruit is also called as National fruit of China and is widely grown in countries like India, Japan, and New Zealand. New Zealand widely and boldly exports ‘Kiwi Fruit’ in various parts of the world through an exporter company called ‘Zespri’.

For many Kiwi fruit might be something new, because of its comparatively limited in availability and high price due to import duty levied in various countries. But now it is increasingly getting popular among those who are regular consumers due to its numerous of health benefits.

This is highly Nutritious, Delicious & Good for Health. Kiwi fruit tastes a bit sweet and sour, adding a very delicious. This unique fruit not only is good in taste but also is very rich in nutrition. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium & as well as contains quite high fiber content. It also contains vitamin E and Vitamin A, which makes it quite a bit rounder and is a great source of natural and rich vitamins.

Kiwi fruit seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is good for the heart and it will prevent various heart diseases.
Regular-sized kiwi fruit contains about only 46 calories, 1 gram proteins, 0.35 grams fat, 12 g carbohydrates and about 3 grams of fiber. Due to its high fiber content specialty, it is also used as a regular part of the diet to keep cholesterol in control and keeps the digestive system clean, and also a good remedy for those who have regular constipation.

According to researchers at the University of Oslo, it is suggested that consuming 2-3 kiwifruit daily for one month can significantly reduce platelet aggregation and blood triglyceride levels (similar to what aspirin does), thus reducing the risk of blood clots, but without any side-effects and in a very natural way.
Eating 2 kiwifruits a day, can keep your digestive system clean and as well provide you with almost all important sorts of vitamins required for your body. Highly recommended!

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