February 27, 2020
Kalonji(Black Cumin seed)

Kalonji (Nigella sativa seed) helps in losing weight

Kalonji (Nigella sativa seed) will help you lose weight, 100% working weight losing solution.

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Here we come up with a very much effectively working, weight losing solution, through which it can easily make you lose KGs of weight just over a month.

All you need are the following food ingredients:

    • Kalonji is also known as (Nigella sativa seed), is a natural seed (spice). Look for availability in the nearest food store.
    • Lemon
    • Warm Water (bit hot)
    • Honey

Note: Follow the instructions with empty-stomach in the morning, about 30-45 minutes before taking breakfast.

    1. Take 1 glass of warm water, add 1 lemon-juice and drink.
    2. Now again take half glass of warm water, take 3-5 mg Kalonji in a spoon, and swallow that with water.
    3. Eat 1 spoon (20-22 g) of pure natural honey.

Done! Now just follow the procedure and you will notice the weight loss yourself. Moreover, the weight loss will be completely healthy and natural, and will not have any side-effects at all, because all ingredients are completely natural. Kalonji (often known as Nigella sativa seeds) are small black color seeds extracted from a plant called Nigella sativa. Kalonji is very very good for health and is used to treat various diseases and its regular use is very good for health.

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