February 27, 2020
Loosing your belly

How to Lose Belly Flab(fat)?

Losing belly flab (fats layer on belly) can be challenging task for the majority of people without the help of an expert personal trainer (personal trainer is Fitness expert professional, how will guide & make your workout through the whole fitness schedule). However with some will power of your own, and making up your mind you can help yourself loose belly flab in over months.

If someone says you in days then that’s probably not advisable because it can be very dangerous.
Losing belly fat not only enhances your physique but also helps you lose extra fats consisting of a major portion of extra fats. Remember, when you over-eat and don’t exercise, chances are that most of the fats will be stored near your belly. Means, gaining belly flab is a lot easier for a person than losing it, because to loose fats over this portion will require much concentrated and comparatively harder exercises.

Losing your Belly Flab and Fats Layer over your tummy

Note the following points and steps to make it easier and simpler to lose belly flab:

1) First, and most important factor, controlling your diet. Eat lesser food than you used to eat. Reduce at least 25-30% of what you used to eat before.

2) Leave all cheesy, starchy and junk food, such as Potatoes, Fries, Cheese, Cakes, excessive Sweets, Soft Drinks, Rice, Cookies, Butter and especially food like Pizzas & Sandwiches that are full of cheese and sauces. Simply eliminate all kind of snacks (though by eliminating means, to reduce to a minimum as you can… yes you can still eat your French Fries and Soft Drinks but reduce the quantity to minimal). By this way you can save yourself from gaining extra calories which later result in extra fats.

3) Start with some Aerobic exercise schedule such as, walking, jogging, or bicycling. Workout for at least 25-30 minutes daily incases you are bicycling or jogging. A 60 minutes walk (for old-age people will count enough). All you have to do is work out your whole body, and slowly you will start noticing the loss of belly flab (over a period of 1-2 months).

4) You also need to target the exercising spot near your belly flab, with stretches to tone belly muscles. You can do “Crunches”; to do this, you can lie down straight and try pulling your chest and head up for several seconds. Then lose your body relaxed, and then again repeat the process. (see pic)

5) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Consuming Grains will also help a lot. Eat high fiber content such as “Kiwi Fruit” which is high in vitamins and fiber content, which helps you reduce your cholesterol level and also removes waste from your body, resulting in less body fat storage and enhancing the weight loss process.

Keep in mind that, you need to keep going on with the schedule for at least 5-6 days a week, and with consistency, you will notice huge weight loss in just over a few months

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