March 29, 2020
Android 10 latest features

Google releasing Android 10 with latest updates

Now, Google is pushing Android 10 in the market by stopping the naming convention with this update. Earlier Android OS updates called with Dessert names in alphabetical order, now google has rolled out this dessert names instead of releasing in numerical. Android officially releasing Android Q, as it is called as Android 10. This build comes with a new logo and several features, upgrades along with it.

Android 10 Features:

Dark Mode:

You can change your theme to ‘Dark which reflects both the system’s UI and the apps. This will automatically increase the phone’s battery life. There is a possibility of changing the theme of an app separately while it is running.

QR Code:

you need not require a password manually to connect to WiFi rather you just scan using QR Code. Which makes an easy approach to connecting WiFi.

Live Captions:

Android 10 featured with a “Live Caption”. It enhances a real-time caption about everything on your phone where someone is making actions and it is happening locally on the device. So there is no use of internet connection required. you can turn on this feature under accessibility settings.

Thermal API:

The Thermal API detects when the phone has warmed up. From this, we’ll be to make changes to reduce the temperature down.


Before Android 10, once you started to capture audio, then we don’t have access to all other apps until we stop the capturing app. Now Android 10 made easier, while you are capturing audio you’ll be able to access all other apps at the same time.

Latest Gestures:

Android 10 comes with a classic navigation feature. Users can swipe bar (present at the bottom) to switch between apps without using back buttons, similarly like iPhone. This feature will work when you make a turn on this setting.

Enhanced Notification controls:

Earlier versions, Android versions were helped in the filter through which apps you want to get notifications from and which notifications you want to dismiss from. Now, the Android 10 brings you a lot more customized notification control options. Through these options you can choose to have either mark notifications from that app as ‘silent or ‘alert or ‘turn off’.


Bubbles are notifications that will pop up on your screen like bubbles. These will pop up on your screen when you are using other applications. Actually these are designed for better multitasking on a phone.

Foldable Phone devices Support:

This version supports who are using foldable phones in the market. It offers foldable screen ratios, app’s resizing and all other functions just like an emulator for foldable phones.

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