March 29, 2020
Pomegranate benefits

Best 5 health benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit is a source of crucial antioxidants called that act as anti inflammatory agents to reduce the swelling which causes joint pain. Among all the research that’s gone into this joint healing properties pomegranates a study conducted by the Department of pathology, microbiology and immunology at the University of South Carolina. pomegranates contain a very important property called acid.

However, don’t forget that before starting this self treatment you must consult your doctor first.

            The best of its effects is its ability to maintain circulation and also improves the blood flow to the scalp. Pomegranate Oil can be used for hair growth. You can massage this oil on your scalp for endless results.  This process strengthens hair follicles and makes your hair stronger shine year and longer. You can even mix this oil with coconut oil in 1:4 ratio and can use it. After applying, leave this for two hours to get rid of dandruff.

1. Blood pressure will stabilize

Most of the people are suffering with high blood pressure, there is a chance that can regulate the blood pressure. Regular consumption of granite will help you in your controlling hypertension. A daily intake of about five ounces of can reduce blood pressure levels in just two weeks, proved by many therapies. Make sure to buy Granites when you visit grocery store.

2. Stress levels will decrease

The more hectic your lifestyle is the more stress you become, and it’s not always clear what to do with all this tension and fatigue. And there is know chance to quit job or these tensions in life. Scientifically proved that pomegranate can help in decreasing stress levels. The research also proved that Pomegranate has a great effect on heart health and a lot of cardiovascular problems can be treated.

3. Protects from cancer

.A study that was conducted by the Immunology research center at Iran to Greece. University of medical sciences, showed the pomegranate extract, slows down the reproduction of prostate cancer cells. It also reduces apoptosis, which is basically the death of the cell due to cancer invasion. And also pomegranate can do pretty much the same thing with breast cancer cells significantly by reducing their growth.

4. Teeth

This fruit has impressive anti, bacterial, anti, fungal properties that can really benefit your teeth. It has superpowers of sorts inhabit plaque, build up and fight any possible infections and inflammation in the mouth.

Less than one ounce of Pomegranate juice a day is more than enough to protect your teeth with all these amazing benefits.

5. Skin condition will improve.

Face Pimples

Pomegranate provide a whole bunch of advantages for your skin. So, by eating pomegranate every day, you’ll never see bugs and skin irritation. How great about this, is that it works from both the inside and the outside. And you can apply this juice directly on pimples, it heals faster. This fruit contains vitamin C, which is well known for treating overly dry skin when it comes to sun damage. It protects skin cells from any oxidative damage.


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